Browser game

Synopsis Quest

Relive key moments from retro role playing games in this parody of the genre!


Run between moving walls to save the girlfriend.

Mamono Slayer

Short action game. Flick to control.


The world's first pigeon-feeding simulator?

  • Hanafuda

    A traditional Japanese playing card simulation. Get 50 points to win.


    Eliminate all pairs within 25 seconds.


    Dice-based strategy game. How quickly can you conquer your foes?

    Stained Grass

    Matching puzzle. Swap two panels to match colors both vertically and horizontally.

    Picto Aquarium

    Feed and grow aquarium fish.

    Red Tile Out

    Try to move the red tile out of the frame.

    Chat Noir

    Can you keep the kitty from running off the game field?

    Skating Heaven

    Dodge incoming skaters by tapping the screen to the left or right of your skater.

    Snake puzzle

    Move the red ball to the Goal.

    Police and Thief

    Catch the thief!


    Card game for single player.

    Four balls

    Take turns with the computer dropping balls. Get 4 balls of the same color in a straight line.

    Puzzle Collection

    A collection of famous brain-teasers from around the world.