The Haunted Ruins


MeatMoney: 2Restores 1/4 "HP."
Magic MeatMoney: 5Restores 1/4 "MP."
BombMoney: 4Causes 20 damage to monsters.
WaterbombMoney: 3Causes 20 damage to monsters.
SpiderthreadMoney: 2Returns you to village to save.
AntidoteMoney: 1Cures poisoning.


KrackleCost: 3Fire attack spell.
RecovCost: 6Restores 1/2 "HP."
TelepopCost: 1Randomly teleports you to a floor you've visited.
DrenchCost: 3Water attack spell.
BoostCost: 5Increases power of next attack by 3x.


When HP goes to zero, you lose half your money.
When you re-enter the ruins, you start one floor before where you last were.
When poisoned, you will lose 10% "HP" with each step.